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Repair Your Windscreen

Ekoglass is the number one windscreen repair company in Africa Our profession is to repair your cracked or expired windscreen

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Ekoglass Ventures now offers 6 days online course for individuals who are ready to become a glass mending technician. Register Today

Repair Kit Store

Ekoglass is the sole authorized agent of Glass Mechanix, Las Vegas, USA and we are licensed to sell windscreen repair kit anywhere in Africa.

Revolutionizing Glass Repairs in Africa.

Ekoglass has been given the authority by Glass Mechanix to dispense resin in Nigeria to African glass mending technicians. This will provide the necessary ambience that will facilitate easier and faster supply of resins in a cost effective manner. With this possibility, we shall be considering supply of smaller volumes of resin like 10ml, as the market demands. We have searched high and low for resins capable of virtually every possible repair application and environment and concluded that Glass Mechanix resins are the best and most cost effective in the market. Browse our line of resins and it is our guarantee that you will find the ideal mix of resins for your business at just the right price.

Custom-made tempered glass projects

Ekoglass, an architectural glass company with professional expertise in the production and installation of custom-made tempered glass projects. Specialities in office partitioning, collapsible walls, switchable

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Ekoglass Retreat | 2020

Ekoglass Retreat which took place between 24-27 September 2020 at Ajijola-Iya Villa, Imesi-Ile, Osun State, Nigeria, aimed at engendering synergy amongst the Staff of Ekoglass

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Windscreen Repair Kit


Bull's Eye

It is primarily a dark color circle with an impact hole.


Wiper Scratch

This is a scratch from the windscreen wiper.



A break such as a star within a bull’s eye break.



Is a single line of separation in the outer/inner layer of the screen.


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ABout ekoglass ventures

Ekoglass Ventures is a company that strives to break new grounds, bringing glass repair technology for the empowerment of people in Nigeria.

Windscreen Repair
Professionalism 96%
Online Course & Physical Training
Knowledge Delivery & Productivities 93%
Windscreen Repair Kit Sales
Efficiency 91%
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I got a flyer at the mall saying my cracked windscreen can be fix, i couldn't believe my eye after it was repaired. I asked myself "is this magic?"
Peter Owoniyi
I took my vehicle to Ekoglass just to fulfill all righteousness after I saw their advert but the out come of the repair blew mind
Kolawole Ayomide
After job hunting with my certificate for years, am happy I came across Ekoglass. Trained as a technician and now I own a windscreen repair business.
Anthony Oba
Working in Ekoglass Ventures was an eye opener that whatever a man can do, a woman can do too and even do better.
dolapo ojo

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We are expert in the production and installation of custom-made tempered glass projects.

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